What does Super Tapes Industries do?

Super Tapes Industries is one of the largest manufacturer of Self Adhesive tape. We are Manufacture,Importers And Exporters of various type of Self Adhesive tape.

Where is Super Tapes Industries headquarter?

Super Tapes Industries office and Manufacturing facility are located in Ahmedabad.

Do you have a special tape to meet my particular application?

Please Contact Us for your special tape requirements to discuss in detail.

How much is the lead-time for delivery?

Our lead-time is among the best in the industry. We ship the majority of our orders in 7 days, with certain items as quickly as 48 hours.

What is Bopp Self Adhesive Packaging Tape?

This is a kind of Pressure sensitive tape.

How is tape produced?

There are 2 processes in the production of pressure sensitive tape; coating and slitting. Coating is the application of the adhesive on to the carrier. Slitting is the cutting up of a huge 'jumbo' roll of coated carrier film into the large and small rolls of tape as we see them in the shops.

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Super Tapes Industries 
65- Barcelona Estate,
1st Floor, Odhav Cross Road,
S.P. Ring Road ,
Odhav ,Ahmedabad-382415

Phone: +91 9408872219
Email: info@supertapes.in

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