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Super Tapes Industries has an extensive network of qualified dealers and distributors for both corporate and retail sales. We have a distributor presence in most large Indian cities. Super Tapes Industries works strictly by a set of values and ethical standards. We expect our distributors, too, to abide by the highest standards of ethics. We have fair and transparent rules for everything we do, and each member of the Super Tapes Industries family adheres to them. We ensure a healthy and competitive working environment at all levels. If we have more than one dealer or distributor in large metres or cities, we make sure there are no clashes between them.

How can you become a Super Tapes Industries dealer or distributor?

»  We don't insist that organizations or individuals have an existing business in the same product or any other products to become dealers or distributors. We welcome fresh proposals or interest in selling our products.
»  We encourage prospective dealers and distributors to visit our office and factory to meet and get to know more about us. This helps you get an in-depth knowledge of everything about Super Tapes Industries -- our production capabilities, what's different about us etc. The idea is that when you market our products, you know exactly what you're talking about. We also want you to get to know our staff and management to enable better understanding and be on the same wavelength so that communication becomes a lot easier.
» Super Tapes Industries has strict payment policies, and we insist on our dealers and distributors adhere to them.
» We have laid down policies to manage situations where there are multiple dealers or distributors in a city or town. And we expect ourdealers and distributors to comply with them.

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